Committee Members

Abbey Martin, Public Information Officer City of Dodge City, Committee Co-Chair, & Sponsorship Co-Chair |

Lyne Johnson, Assistant Director Boot Hill Museum & Committee Co-Chair |

Jessi Rabe, Senior Director of Marketing & Sales Boot Hill Casino & Resort & Committee Co-Chair |

Melissa McCoy, Assistant City Manager/Public Affairs City of Dodge City & Sponsorship Co-Chair |

Coral Lopez, Main Street Coordinator & Events Chair |

Megan Welsh, Manager Dodge City Convention and Visitors Bureau & Marketing Co-Chair |

Justin Wilson, Marketing Coordinator Dodge City Convention and Visitors Bureau & Marketing Co-Chair |

Anna Bjerken, President/CEO Dodge City Chamber of Commerce

Karla Lees, Events Director Dodge City Chamber of Commerce

Christina Haselhorst, Foundation and Community Relations Director Dodge City Community College

Lori Juhlin, Executive Director Dodge City Public Library

Bill Carr, Ford County Sherriff

Mike King, Owner & Producer Boot Hill Productions

Sheri Cook, Co-Owner Dodge City Brewing

Brad Smalley, Tasting Room Manager Boot Hill Distillery

Doug Austen, Show Director Long Branch Variety Show

Kent Stehlik, Ford County Historical Society

Mary Hendrix, Western Cattle Trail Association

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